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These services are provided to our clients through our organized work flow in the specialized operational units that are structured to fulfill the work cycle, each of the following units serve its own purpose to the fulfilment of the work cycle:

Sales & Marketing

Based on the knowledge and experience gained through several years of hard work; New Intertrade has acquired an exclusivity privilege of selling and distributing a wide range of security solutions through its selling channels as we proud ourselves to bring the following brands to the Palestinian market:

  • Bosch Security Systems
  • Gallagher ( Cardax)
  • Vanguard
  • Jacques
  • Control4, USA
  • Wavetec
  • Morley by Honeywell, USA
  • TOA, Japan
  • Garrett, USA

Installation & Maintenance

Through our professional technical team; New Intertrade has installed many security solutions in different areas and different companies. The company provides maintenance and support to all of its installed systems and even to other systems as it is providing professional technical service to its clients regardless of the source of the installed solution.

Theseunits’ services include the following:

  • System Integration
  • System configuration
  • System updating
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Malfunction solution
  • Faults inspections
  • Error tracking
  • Data management
  • Data recovery
  • Reporting

Security Assessment

One of our vital services that is needed to determine security need for a certain site is the Security Assessment. This is introduced and provided to our clients based on the best practice standards to present a realistic and current status analysis to help clients make the best decision and acquire the right products and services to equip its sites with the best security solutions.

Our assessment service includes:

  1. On-site analysis
  2. Quality improvement
  3. List of specifications
  4. Shop drawings
  5. Development of existing systems
  6. Reporting


Our staff is highly professional and recieved sufficient trainings to provide the needed knowledge and training to our clients in order to be able to manage installed security systems and solutions. Our training services includes the following:

  • Systems use On-site training
  • Errors identifications
  • Use of related software
  • Reporting