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Dear colleagues, partners and valuable customers

New Intertrade is a Palestinian National entrepreneurship / company riding a journey to excellence.  We are the sole certified partner of Bosch Security in Palestine since 1999. We are progressively on the front lines of the search for new products and services to serve our local market and customers in low voltage systems.

Since I have started the company 1995, and my main goal is to provide my customers with best quality and recent developed lines of security systems products that meet their requirements and maintain the level of service at same pace with worldwide developments.

Despite the non-stop obstacles that surround the private sector in Palestine, our management team efforts have been rewarded by several international business agreements to distribute and install various security systems manufactured by well-know and credited worldwide security systems companies. Our technical team is always on the run for new trainings and developments to keep us with the accelerating world of technology developments and the security systems market. We also dedicated to engage our customers in the training programs by Bosch to keep them updated with new features and tools.

New Intertrade is committed to undertake projects of all sizes, our team is expanding by the day to meet our customers needs.

Our Motto in New Intertrade is Quality First and this is a value that is vigorously promoted throughout our various services. We are committed to ensuring a high level of ethical conduct, fairness and attractive career development opportunities for all our employees. New Intertrade is proud to have 30 local employees from all over Palestine at all its departments.

Technology and Innovation have been identified as essential enablers to unlock the company’s potential and to improve New Intertrade capabilities, to manage old and new challenges, and become resilient in the market conditions with prices fluctuating.

New Intertrade is committed to create a safe environment to its employees and maintain their interests within the company management strategy goals. Our team is ethically committed to work with competitors in a healthy and professional environment and focus on the main business goal and that is fair gain and customer satisfaction.

Finally, I would like to thank my team and our partners and all of stakeholders for their dedication and continued support, as we look forward to another year of success.


Samer Qaraeen